Complete/EASY 2 TEACH & Understand: TSA Soldiership Lessons

Salvation Army leaders want to present quality materials.  Students learn best with an understandable interactive format. We have brought some of the best resources together into ONE SITE!  Inspiring videos, clear doctrinal teaching, group activities, with a practical missional focus all combine to give instructors options for customizing content. 

Introduction to armyofcompassion Online Soldiership Training:

  • STUDENTS: Welcome!  Your decision to step forward to explore Salvation Army Soldiership is an important one!  We pray that this will be a journey where you will be challenged, inspired, and accept this new level of personal commitment; emerging with a new sense of mission and compassionate grace.  Throughout the history of this God-led movement, stories are told of His working in the lives of men and women, leading them towards The Salvation Army; as they sense the calling to understand and reflect on what it means to be “God’s Soldier” in the world in which they live.   To be a Salvationist is to live our theology “from the inside, -outward”, reflecting Christ’s work in us- to others.  These doctrines (teachings) are founded on Scripture and developed as a Soldier’s Creed.  We cannot move into the future effectively without each of our SOLDIERS.
  • TEACHERS/LEADERS: *GET READY TO BE INSPIRED!  YOU CAN DO THIS! This resource has been put together in such a way that your preparation time should be greatly lessened.  This Online Soldiership Training Course works best as a group learning resource. Rather than reading through one resource- We have brought the best we could find together to create a format where you could simply move through the material with your students.  The sessions have as their goal the purpose of seeing where each person fits into the scope of what God has been doing across the history of the world. With full knowledge of this world’s brokenness (and certainly our own); we return to God completely, in gratitude, ready to answer the call to Soldiership.  So- Share it over a tablet screen…projected in an auditorium for interactive work, in any size group- JUST SHARE!

For *EASIEST MODE-simply OPEN UP the LESSONS- All of the LINKS are included in each lesson.  Imagine group activities, videos, doctrinal content….and more!

EXAMPLE: Read before Lesson 1: The Word.  Students CLICK to get their reading assignment.

This course will be presented in a series of 10 sessions in which we will look at the Doctrines of The Salvation Army, each one bringing a new dimension to our foundational lives of faith.  These form the basis for the mission of The Salvation Army; while reminding us that the very essence of our faith is the love of God who gave his only Son, Jesus Christ, who obediently died on the Cross to redeem us; and the comforting, empowering Holy Spirit whose presence is ours today.  (1 Corinthians 12:3-confessing “Jesus as Lord”).

Recruits; Prayerfully consider your commitment, and take hold of the vision to reach out and change your world!

Each session will incorporate these dynamics:

  • READY: Pre-reading done by students.
    SET: Theme is introduced & Group Activity
    ACTION:  Videos to inspire
    GO!: Content & Questions
    Boots on the Ground: Put your faith into action!

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