Soldiership Training

Soldiership Training JUST GOT EASIER!  

We have brought some of the best resources together into ONE SITE! Welcome to armyofcompassion Online Soldiership Training!

The Salvation Army’s SOLDIERSHIP/ADHERENT LESSONS  (Click to view)

 For *EASIEST MODE-simply OPEN UP the LESSONS- All of the LINKS are included in each lesson.  Imagine group activities, videos, doctrinal content….and more!

EXAMPLE: Read before Lesson 1: The Word.  Students CLICK to get their reading assignment.

 Salvation Army Leaders want to present quality materials.

Students desire an understandable format, with interactive activities,

inspiring videos, clear doctrinal information and practical mission oriented focus.

Questions?  Email us at

 Soldiers Welcome Kit Cover


  1. I would like to register for sa soldier


    • Mike, I want to encourage you to visit your local Salvation Army Corps – and ask to talk to the “Corps Officer”. It would be optimum for you to go to a Sunday Worship Service – keep going; and discover exactly what The Salvation Army and a commitment to being a member is. The classes are a compilation of who The Salvation Army is and the Doctrines – “What We Believe”. You have asked an excellent question that deserves an answer locally! Let us know how it goes! Blessings friend.


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